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she remembers watching the weather report this time of the year since she knew they would be outside story so many hours. >> i sort of separate. the only way to deal is i think of the television dick clark, not my husband and i can deal with it and that is hard. >> reporter: depending who you ask, 13 is considered lucky to some,up lucky to others and for the superstitious out there, dreading 2013, no need to fear. good luck charms have been attached to the 13 to ward off the potential bad luck n. new york city, anna coyman, fox news. the news is far from over. the news edge starts now. beginning with all eyes on the clock. thanks for staying with us. i'm maureen umeh. come new year's eve when we count down to midnight, we're counting down to the so-called fiscal cliff. if congress does nothing, taxes
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go up on everyone. mike emmanuel has more. >> reporter: lawmake -- lawmakers return to capitol hill in a last-minute attempt going over the fiscal cliff. congressional leaders are looking to avoid tax hikes on most americans but key disagreements on eptitlesments and tax rate thresh finds remain. president obama's original plan called for increasing taxes on families earning more than $250,000 now $400,000 could be a number on the negotiating table. >> the $400,000 level seems to me to be with about right. that represents about the top 1% of income earners in the country and is they got knee% of the growth and there is some flexibility there. >> reporter: the republicans say the u.s. is not facing's revenue problem. >> i feel like i'm a lifeguard and we have to save as many people from drowning and higher
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taxes as we can. >> reporter: in the weekly address to the nation, president obama urged congress to do something. >> we can't afford a politically self-inflicted wound to our economy. >> reporter: congress will try to find compromise. >> i am still optimistic and i think we can avert this and there is enough common sense to come together and get it solved. >> reporter: a combination will kick in on january 1st. if no deal is made, president obama will press congress to vote on a plan c, one keeping tax cuts in place for most americans. in washington, mike emmanuel, fox news. >> when it comes to the spending cuts, critics are more concerned. they will be cut by $50 million what will be cut is undetermined. >> it's going to affect the operational force that is deployed in terms of its ability to maintain its equipment and to get repair parts and that forces on force
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is deployed around the world. not just in afghanistan but being reduced. it would impact the training of the force. >> whatever happens, citizens won't so any trouble if congress doesn't act by the new year. they have a few days to act. fair cocks county police made an arrest. the 22-year-old is facing murder charges for stabbing 19- year-old xavier stringfellow to death. the bloody was -- the body was found in the car. the police say the two men didn't know each other before meeting up. >> and what happened or why. you have to look at all the possibilities. >> there was some sort of stroll struggle when the victim got killed and believe the suspect may have tried to cover up the teen's death by making it look like he got into a car accident. the edge now on the district and the shooting on
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the 5,000 block of airs place in southeast. it happened about 2 hours ago. the victim was shot inside that car you see on the curb. the victim was dead and car on fire. so far, the victim's name is not released and no arrests were made. in maryland, firefighters are investigating a deadly fire in green belt. a woman died and two other people were injured and that happened around 9. it's on either side of the townhome and they were damaged. we're following a developing story out of russia having families in the upset. the president of russia signed a ban to prevent americans from adopting children in russia. 60,000 children have been adopted by american families the last 20 years. as fox 5s beth parker shows us, the ban will change a lot of
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lives. >> reporter: a photo of the orphanage where she spent her early years. >> when i was the, i was lonely in a orphanage. i used to cry at night. i feel bad for them. >> reporter: she was well-cared for but it was not like having a family until americans barbara porter and jerry green arrived. >> and this is when we brought them play-doh. >> reporter: in 2003, the couple brought them home to virginia. nadia is 14 and her brother 16 and this week, the family has been watching the news with great interest and sadness. the russian president signed a bill banning americans from adopting in russia. >> and this interfere error errors -- interferes with the future of many people. >> we had to wait until june to get them. i can't imagine people who have
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children in the pipeline and may never get them out. those are the stories that are gut wrenching. >> reporter: lauren koch works for the national council for a doing. >> there are approximately 46 families matched with a child and in process that feel like they're a member of their family already and i can't imagine having to be the person who said you can't bring the child home or worse, looking into the eyes of the child saying mommy and daddy aren't coming to get you after all. >> reporter: the new law prompted outcry from some in russia and show hopes the government there honors a bilateral agreement it made with the u.s. state department last month and that could grandfather the families in the pipeline. they not waiting but even so, barbara porter is worried. >> and they also have a little brother that is still in russia and we feel our efforts to locate him might be hampered by this mill bill and we're told by the people arranging the
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trip fors that you it might be tough to take them back right now and that americans who adopted russians may not be welcome. >> reporter: beth parker, fox 5 news, virginia. and falling temperatures tonight. fox 5s tucker barnes is up next and what the rest of the weekend holds, tuck. >> a lot of wind in the forecast and that is gusting 35 miles an hour and that is a windy sunsunday. all of the details are coming up. the redskins weather forecast, and of course, we have some big holiday celebration monday night. after the break. 
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. welcome back. after a little bit of snow early today, we got breeze and, guess what, we're cold overnight. breezy and cold here to stay and particularly tonight and tomorrow and this is some current temperatures. i'm going to show you the windchill here. 37 in atlantic town; 41,
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annapolis and temperatures closer to the freezeing mark north and west. hagerstown, 34 degrees and winchester, 36. most of the area should be at or below freezeing. spots in the north and west where you saw accumulating snow and just look up to the potential here for some black ice developing tonight. i showed you gusts and they're over 30n. gaithersburg, 15, 24 in hagerstown and 16 in leonardtown and that will be a breezy overnight and blustery conditions expected tomorrow. check out the windshield temperatures. i don't get to use this a lot and with that 37 in washington. twentys in gaithersburg, 28 and 22 in hagerstown. we'll have the windchill values in the teens and low 20s tonight and even tomorrow with the actual temperatures in the upper 30s with sunshine and that is going to feel like upper 20s and low 30s tomorrow. with the wind continuing and
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celebrating quieter and cloud cover and some cloud cover out there. the area of low pressure that brought up the light snow and rain early today and that is still pushing to the north and west and that is out of here. in fact, intensifying as it pushes north and east. they're getting heavier snow up in new england than around here early today. the accuweather seven-day forecast, 39 tomorrow and with breezy conditions expected, cold tomorrow night for the redskins game. temperatures falling through the low 30s. monday looks fine, partly sunny, 40, and clouding up monday night for your new year's eve celebrations and should be dry. highs about 40. that is it for weather. maureen, back to you. >> thank you, tucker. that is it for us tonight. fox 5 news always on keep it here, though, sports extra is two minutes away. have a great night. 
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. thanks for staying up with us. i'm lindsay murphy. coming up on nissan sports extra, can the wizards start a modest winning streak, plus, it's primetime for all of the marbles, win and you're in for the redskins tomorrow night. more on the big game ahead. first, it's bowl season and there is a saying in sports it's not how you start but finish. and the navy football team knows a thing or two about that. they lost by 40 points and closed out the year winning seven of 8, winning the

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